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Understanding panic and anxiety attacks

A majority of people have experienced a panic attack at some point in life. Panic attacks are caused by different sources of fear and stress. If you have experienced a panic attack once in your life, then you might not be able to understand the cause. After a few episodes of panic attacks, you are advised to see a specialist to help you with the diagnosis. With proper diagnosis, it will be easy to identify the underlying causes of the panic attacks and even know how to handle the attacks. It is important to understand that if you experience a panic attack once, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have a panic disorder.

What are the signs of panic attacks?

Faintness, weakness, and dizziness

These are classical signs of a panic attack and especially if other symptoms do not accompany them. The weakness might be followed by vomiting and also a blackout. Most of the musicians and performing artist experience this especially due to the stress that comes with the performance.


Chest pain and difficulty breathing

Another common sign of a panic attack is chest pain and difficulty in breathing. Most of the time, these symptoms might be mistaken for a heart attack. Only a professional might be able to rule out a heart attack of a panic attack. The chest pain and difficulty in breathing happens due to being overwhelmed by the situation, and it is a common symptom for people who experience a panic attack.

Sense of terror

Extreme fear usually causes a panic attack, and this is why you will realize that a sense of terror is a common symptom among all the people who suffer from panic attacks. The sense of fear can be very overwhelming, and it even disrupts the sense of judgment. The fear will cause other signs like chills and also fever.


Loss of control

Loss of control might not be a symptom for everyone, but it is likely to occur in most episodes of a panic attack. There will be a sense of lack of control of the body and also thoughts. It is a simple that will occur and disappear after a short period once the attack episode is over.