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How to be safe when watching concert tours

It is time for concert tours, and you can’t wait for one to come to your town. The fun: losing yourself to the dance, you cannot miss any bit of it. But as much as you want to be out there in the front dancing and sweating; your safety should be taken seriously.

Therefore, this post is dedicated on to how to be safe when watching concert tours. It is a must-read if you cannot help to watch any of the upcoming concert tours around your town.

Carefully choose your watching spot

Where you will stand during the concert has a lot to do with your safety. There are rowdy crowds in the general section so you may have to leave that section out of your choices. One of the safest parts of the concert section is the VIP stand. If you can afford to get space over there, the safer you will be than in any other section. When trouble comes, VIPs are among the first group to exit to safety.


Come with a friend

If you are used to going it all alone to watch concert tours, it is not the best thing to do for your safety. Tag along a friend for the concert. Tell them about it early in advance. Buy tickets together and be ready for the event. A friend will have your back. You can take care of each other. They say: two hands are better than one. When trouble comes your way, you can handle it the two of you and get to safety.

If you sense any sign of danger, get out to safety

Do not wait for trouble; when you sense the first wave of danger, get out of there. Do not panic but swiftly walk away to safety. It is best to get away when the crowd is not running in all directions.

Stay away from rowdy groups

There are those who are coming to cause trouble. You will see them even before the concert begins. Get far away from them. Go to a corner that seems to be full of reasonable people. Just in case anything happens, you will have the time to get away to safety.

Study the venue and know the safe exits

Before the concert begins, take a tour of the venue. Know the safe exit doors. When you come, ensure that you stand close to those doors. In the event that something causes any alarm, you will be the first to get out and run for your dear life.


Always tell someone where you are going

Do not be the kind that goes out and no one knows where you are. Tell a friend or family that you will be out for a concert. If anything happens, they will know the first place to look for you.

Watching concerts is one great way to pass time. But sometimes things can turn against your expectation. Your safety is a priority at all times. If you follow these easy steps to stay out of trouble, you will always enjoy every concert you attend.…

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