06/22/2017 Woman with a beautiful smile

Why do some people have stained teeth?

Most people want to have the whitest teeth and most beautiful smile, but having white teeth is hard to achieve these days. Most of us have a busy schedule that makes it hard to find time to see a dentist.

When you live your life on the go, you don’t eat the right food, and you don’t have much time to brush in between meals. This will all leave your teeth stained.

What are the causes of teeth stains?


smorkSmoking and chewing tobacco is a bad habit, but a lot of us want it in our daily routines. Smoking is one of the causes of stained teeth. When you smoke, it will leave tar on your teeth, and over time it will not come off. Chewing tobacco is even worse on your teeth as it just sits in your month leaving stains on your teeth. Both these products are terrible for your gums as well.


Most of us love our coffee in the morning. We drink it as soon as we get out of bed and on the way to work; even all day at work. The caffeine will stay on your teeth over time even if you brush. The caffeine will break down the calcium, and this will result in yellow teeth.


We all love our soda. But did you know that each can of soda has 200 grams of sugar in each can? One can of soda has the same caffeine as one cup of coffee. So drinking soda is worse than just coffee. Sugar will break down the enamel of your teeth leaving it yellow. You can brush and brush, but once you lose your enamel, you lose the whiteness of your teeth. Soda will also give you a cavity. When you have a cavity, you will have to see a dentist, or it will give you pain.

Whitening products

white teethsThere are ways in which you can get your white teeth back without going to see a dentist. They have a gel that you can apply on and use a light just like the dentist does. They also have strips that you can use on your front and bottom teeth. You just leave the strips on for about 15 minutes before bed time. Both of these products can be used at home on your own time. They are also easy to use, and there will be no pain. You can go online and check out the best teeth whitening strips on sale.…

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