11/26/2017 Elegant House

How to choose and build a prefab home

A lot of people are going with a prefab home these days, because they are a lot more affordable and you can have them built the way you want them done. It is easy to purchase a prefab home than it is to build or buy a stick home. They are as safe as a stick home, and they will give you a healthy investment. They can be placed on any type of foundation, making it a real property.

You can have the standard installation or even go thicker. Most walls are a quarter of an inch; you can even go with one inch to make it better. The wiring can be standard, or you can upgrade to a thicker one. The beautiful thing about a prefab home is that the choice is yours.

In this article, we will go over a few things on how to buy a prefab home.

Prefab home

homeThey are a home that is put together in sections. They have a lot of floor plans that you can choose from. Just like building your own stick home but with half the cost of one. You can have any style of flooring, walls, and type of ceiling you want. You can choose what style of appliances you want in the home. When it comes to plumbing you can have bigger piping for better flow than standard homes would have. They can even have two car garage as well.

Prefab home company

You can alway see the place that sells prefab homes because they will have like three to four homes that you can walk through so you can get an idea of what you are looking at. They will have a few sales persons that will assist you in choosing a home that will suit you and your family.

They will sit you down and ask you what you are looking for in a home. Here, they will show you all their models so you can choose one that best fits you.

Floor plans

This is where the sales person will show you all the types of floor plans for different models. When you have picked one that you like, that is when you can start adding a wall or taking one out. You can pretty much do what you like with your plan. You will be able to have them install better wiring and plumbing as well. You can choose a different style of flooring or windows.


tableNow that you have the floor plan done, you will move on to what type of appliances you want in the home. Start with the bathroom; you can have an average tub or have one that has jets and has like 15 shower heads. You can go with ceiling fans in every room and have really elegant lighting all throughout the home. The kitchen can have the basic stove, or you can put in a better one; add a cooking station as the choice is yours. Make sure you get exactly what you and your family want.